THREADLIFT - (Happy Thread Lift™, APTOS Thread Lift™)

We also offer a full range of threadlift procedures to elevate the eyebrows, mid and lower face as well as the neck. These techniques are relatively standard and widely practised internationally with satisfying results almost similar to surgery.

Threadlift is a less-invasive cosmetic procedure which has become a popular alternative to the usual facelift surgery. Instead of going through a surgical procedure, a threadlift paves way to achieving a tighter, younger, and more natural looking glow by acting as a collagen stimulant to the skin.  

How is it performed?
Threadlifts make use of polydioxanone (PDO) threads which are being injected into specific areas around the skin. These threads will act as skin lifters while providing more volume and tone on the areas where wrinkles usually form and other areas that are prone to sagging such as cheeks, eyebrows, jaw lines, chin, and neck folds. These are also the same threads that doctors have recently been using for heart surgeries; proof that PDO threads are indeed safe to use. 

Commonly, after the threads, hyaluronic acid will also be injected to help in hydrating the skin not only to make it look youthful but also to avoid wrinkles from being formed on the face.

Why would I opt for it over surgery?

  • It is less invasive and easier to undergo.
  • The results are visible right after the procedure. Yes, it’s instant!
  • The effects are longer lasting since collagen is thoroughly stimulated resulting to natural tightening of the skin. With this and proper beauty regimens right after, the fresh and vibrant look can be retained for a longer period of time.

Can anyone have a threadlift?
Threadlift is not for everyone. This procedure is recommended for persons who are 40 years old and above - provided that they don’t have a history of hypertension, cardiac problems, or injection allergies and is highly recommended to those who have low collagen levels in their bodies. Nonetheless, it is best to discuss this option first and get a full assessment whether this is for you or not.