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When we grow old, we tend to develop signs of ageing in our face and neck. These include visible signs like wrinkles and sagging skin.

When the Affirm 15 minute facelift is not sufficient to treat the problem, our Thermalift protocol is the next step up in our list of solutions. Based on deep radiofrequency treatment principles and using Thermage/Therma6 technology, faces and necks can be treated with minimal downtime and great results.

One session is required, which may need to be repeated every 12-18 months. Pores, fine/deep lines, wrinkles and loose skin are all addressed by the Thermalift protocol. 

What is Thermalift?
Indulging yourself on a heavy fitness routine combined with diet may have helped you lose a significant amount of weight but it doesn’t guarantee that you will rid yourself of getting some wrinkles here and there as you age. Your journey to reaching your dream look may not always end there. Necessary contouring procedure might be needed to get back that head-turning and beautiful skin. But worry no more! The new rejuvenation procedure for the eyes, face, and neck is finally here. Introducing today’s non-invasive cosmetic procedure, the Thermalift. 

Here’s a procedure that is known to be the best alternative to cosmetic surgery, but still get to look younger and fresher - the Thermalift, which is a technique that has found its way in skin clinics and practiced by cosmetic surgeons. Thermalift is a cosmetic treatment that has clicked in the market mainly because contrary to the usual facelift surgery, it involves a less painful to no-pain procedure when it comes to achieving a blooming look you have always wanted. 

How is it done?
Thermalift is less invasive and almost pain-free as you are initially drifted into a deep sleep. And while you’re asleep, the radiofrequency energy is sent deep into your skin to act on the loose elastic fibers causing the wrinkles, cheek folds, fine lines, and droopiness in the face. During the entire procedure, the superficial layer of your skin is cooled to do away with burns and blisters. It will also be timed so as to avoid any possible damage to the skin, making it more reliable and safe. 

Better than a usual facelift surgery and here are some of the reasons why:

  • It requires no anesthesia.
  • No incisions will take place.
  • You will notice minimal swelling and no bruises after the surgery.
  • The results are longer lasting. 

Ageing is inevitable. If you are seeing visible signs of wrinkles and sagging skin, try considering setting up an appointment and discuss about a Thermalift option. Our Affirm 15 minute facelift is not sufficient to treat wrinkles and sagging skin, so the Thermalift procedure is the best solution. We use the Thermage/Therma6 technology to treat around the face and neck with minimal downtime and produce great results.