Rhinoplasty is derived from the Greek word "rhinos" which means nose and "plassein" which means to shape, rhinoplasty surgery is often referred to as nose job or reconstructive nose surgery. It is a procedure that aims to correct or reconstruct the form, restore its function or enhance the nose. The operation can reduce the size of the nose or change the width of the nostrils including the shape of the tip.

At Medora Centre, we offer non-surgical, minimally invasive and surgical methods to enhance the nose.



Non-surgical nasal enhancement is achieved using fillers to increase volume of nasal structures whilst injectable implants are used to semi-permanently raise the profile of the nasal bridge and tip. Results are natural and may need to be repeated after a period of time.

Minimally invasive nasal procedures involves the reshaping of the nose by using threads to anchor soft tissue (cartilage, skin) to the bony support below. Results are long lasting and in some cases even permanent. 

Surgical nasal enhancement, or rhinoplasty, is a permanent option to sharpen the tip, raise the bridge or narrow the nostrils/base of the nose. As with all surgery, these carry the associated benefits and risks that will need to be fully discussed as part of the consultation.