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A threadlift is a miniature facelift without a recovery time, less pain and taking at most an hour to perform. This cosmetic surgery, also called a lunch hour facelift requires no cutting and leaves no scar on the skin. In most cases, it is used where people are just starting to drop from the onset of age. It is majorly used in sagging eyebrows, the corners of the mouth, areas between the nose and the drooping of the neck. This procedure is very simple, since, it requires only a very thin needle and barbed thread. Upon completion of the procedure, there can be some pain and swelling, but this will last for only a couple of days.

How is it done?

In normal circumstances, the procedure can be done right in the surgeon’s office where the plastic surgeon uses a needle with a barbed thread to lift the sagging skin from underneath and anchor it above the underlying tissue. Its cost ranges anywhere from $1000 to $4000 in most cases. Most people who have undergone the procedure stated that it took about an hour and there was less pain attached to having it done. However, this is just a temporary procedure and continued aging may require more aggressive treatment to lift that sagging of the skin.

Who can have the threadlift done?

This procedure is mostly successful and useful in women in between the ages of 35 and 45 who are just starting to show the signs of aging on onto their skin. Moreover, some older women who have done the procedure to simply reduce some of the sagging around the eyebrows and the corners of their mouth have been quite happy with the results. However, this procedure is not meant to replace a facelift, but is simply designed to help those who want to have just a little lift rather than a lot.

Some natural threadlift alternatives

If you do not like the idea of doing a threadlift, there are some good natural methods that you can resort to. They include:

Self-performed acupressure; this is one of the most natural and the least expensive. There are 18 acupressure points around each eye, as well many other points located throughout the face. If you apply your own finger pressure to these points, you can affect the flow of electricity, life force and circulation to that area.

Electronic stimulation products; These devices work in the same way as manual exercising, however, they use small electronic pulses to stimulate the muscles. Besides, for effective results, facial exercises should be performed regularly. It is only through exercising for a period of time that decent results and a more youthful appearance may be seen.

Exercising facial muscles; this is one of the best natural face lifts that can be undertaken cheaply. If the muscles in the face are not exercised regularly they will lose their shape and start to sag. These exercises can be done manually and can work well in areas around of the face, the forehead and also the chin and neck.

Toning muscles; natural face lifts can also be done through skin care procedures. Face masks are the ways in which to look younger, working to improve the condition of the skin, making it more supple and give you a youthful look.

If you want to do something about that sagging skin and you are not ready or cannot afford a surgical face lift, then you should see a plastic surgeon who will tell you whether a threadlift is good for you. Better still, you can opt for natural alternatives to threadlifts which will work just well.

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