Cosmetic Surgery | What is the Age Limit for Cosmetic Surgery

One common reason that more people aren't having appearance-enhancing surgical procedures done is that they think they're too old, or their parents and guardians think they're too young, but some would be surprised to learn what the age limits really are for having this type of surgery. It’s just not so that only those in their prime are the right age to have a face lift, liposuction, wrinkle treatment, or some other type of surgical cosmetic treatment.

Although people in their late 40s and early 50s might seek out surgery as a way of reclaiming their youthful appearance, often for the sake of career advancement or an improved social life, the fact is that the age range on having such procedures isn’t limited to this group. And, while many women have had breast implants and breast lifts as early as in their twenties, the reality is that there are many patients having cosmetic surgery at ages much younger than that.

Cosmetic Surgery for Youth: When is Young Too Young?

While many would assume that teenagers are too young to undergo most types of aesthetic surgery, the fact is that this kind of surgery is even had by children younger than 4 years old. As noted by the USCF Medical Center, children who have protruding ears and are this young are still candidates for ear reshaping. This is due to the fact that the ears reach their full growth by the time a person is 4 years of age.

Not all types of cosmetic surgery are suitable for children. A child’s rate of physical development has to be taken into consideration, but that still leaves many types of aesthetic procedures children are eligible to have. For example, noses are usually finished developing in girls who’ve reached 13 years of age. For boys, the nose may continue to develop until they reach age 17. This means that many girls aged 13 and boys aged 17 are able to undergo rhinoplasty.

Is Aesthetic Surgery for Seniors Done in Vain?

While it might be shocking to hear of children having cosmetic surgery, there are those who find it just as odd when people over 70, even 80 get breast lifts, Botox, and so forth. However, the truth is that there are no upper limits on who can have these types of procedures. As long as the patient is healthy enough to have the plastic surgery done, and meet any other criteria for qualifying for the procedure in question, they can have it.

Nevertheless, there are many seniors who have several issues they know aesthetic surgery can address, but they refuse to have it, thinking that time has simply run out for them. For them, it’s a question of morals and virtue, as they don't want to appear vain, or feel that they'd be wrong to seek out more life after they've already lived so long.

According to a news release from the World Health Organization, large gains have been made in life expectancy worldwide. It means that the average person is living longer, and those who are being born today can expect to live even longer still. Seniors no longer have to think that they're all done with the best part of life just because they're over 65.

Cosmetic surgeries such as a breast lift or reduction may help to reduce back pain, and correcting drooping eyelids can help to restore vision, allowing many seniors to lead a more active, vibrant life. The fact is that having a cosmetic procedure can help give senior citizens the boost of confidence they need to keep on living life to the fullest.