Pigmentation Treatment | Find An Alternative Way

Pigmentation is something that can happen to men and women at any age and unfortunately causes a person to look years older than they truly are. Unlike the cute little patches of freckles some fortunate people have, signs of pigmentation include unsightly dark “age” spots or patches. For those who are suffering from pigmentation you have causes such as genetics, contraceptive pills, pregnancy, and even tanning to thank; fortunately treatment is available.

Causes of Pigmentation

According to WebMD, pigmentation is due to excess melanin in the skin. This melanin is normal, however sometimes patches of skin cells will produce too much melanin which result in freckles, age spots, or dark patches. Exposure to more sun will only serve to worsen dark spots, so it’s suggested that those suffering from pigmentation, and those treating it, avoid the sun and use proper UV protection.

Other causes of dark spots may be due to scars, rosacea, acne, and more. Fortunately, the pigmentation treatments for excess melanin caused by the sun or age can also be used to help treat dark spots due to other causes as well.

Pigmentation Treatment

When treating pigmentation it is important to understand that there are both natural and laser treatments. According to the NewHealthGuide.org, mild forms of pigmentation are often easily treated with home remedies; however more severe forms of pigmentation may require a laser to assist.

Laser Treatment – the laser works wonders on pigmentation problems and has been proven to dramatically reduce and even completely remove all pigmentation problems on the skin. The laser actively breaks down the excess melanin in the dark patches over several treatment periods resulting in beautiful clear skin by releasing pulses of filtered light into a concentrated area. This light actually heats up the excess melanin and works to destroy them safely and effectively so that new cells (not engorged with melanin) can take their place.

Unfortunately the laser treatment is not for everyone. Very dark skinned individuals (either naturally or through tanning), cannot be treated safely due to the excess melanin present in the areas surrounding the dark spots. Additionally, if there are moles that a person wishes to target, those would be best off using another type of removal as moles can become cancerous if treated improperly.

Chemical Peels – another treatment for pigmentation problems is a chemical peel. These are highly preferred because they are a bit more affordable and also perfect for all skin types no matter how dark!

When you go to a clinic for a chemical peel you’ll have a professionally mixed chemical solution spread on the surface of your skin where you want to target the pigmentation treatment. That solution is left on for a certain amount of time which is dependent on your skin, the severity of the pigmentation, and how sensitive you are. The idea is that the chemical peel will remove the outer layers of your skin cells that contain the excess melanin and encourage new cell growth.

Topical Creams – during your visit to a clinic you may be given a topical cream to help treat hyperpigmentation at home either as a standalone treatment, or in accompany with your other treatments (be it laser or chemical peel). These creams generally help exfoliate the skin and remove the top cells while also providing vital nutrients and vitamins for new cell growth.

Consult your local cosmetic clinic to find a pigmentation treatment plan that’s right for your skin!