Chin Lift to Remove Double Chin, Wrinkles and Saggy Skin

As much as people exercise, some parts of the body are left untouched. Sometimes the result of such negligence is not so great. The chin is one of the areas on the body that is often left “hanging” (no pun intended). The chin is not just one whole muscle, but rather, it is a joining section between neck, jaw and lower facial muscles. It is susceptible for accumulating fat, like any other muscle in the body. However, accumulation of fat in this area of the body results perhaps one of the least attractive facial and neck features.

To combat such an appearance, there are quite a few options out there, some include cosmetic surgery and some are natural. If you are thinking about not risking your health and save your pockets some pennies, the natural way is the way to go. Not only is this method healthier, but also gets you results that last longer and with no painful knives and surgical procedures. Let's break down the different chin lifting techniques.

Lion Pose

You do not have to be a professional Yogi to engage in this pose! To get into position, kneel with hands placed on things, facing forward, open mouth wide and stick tongue out (as if you are trying to touch your chin with your tongue). Hold the tongue for ten seconds and release. Repeat this several times at once and you can do it a few times throughout the day. The great thing about this pose is it is quick and easy.

Why this exercise is on the list is because it is especially effective in targeting the lower facial muscles such as the platysma and the mylohyoid. The muscles extending between the throat and chin are targeted and toned by this exercise. When done with consistency, this exercise yields amazing noticeable results in the firmness of your chin.

Chin Lifts

This is one of the most popular chin exercises. The exercise itself involves exercising the muscles connected to the jaw line. Begin with your head in relaxed position and tilt the head slightly backward until facing the ceiling. Actively push your chin forward by using the jaw line muscles to pull and hold the position for about ten seconds. Repeat for a few times. You should feel a pull at those muscles and in the front of the neck. This exercise, according to the many who have tried and been practicing, it yields great results with persistence. The exercise involves key muscles involved in the chin area such as the jaw line muscles and the front of the neck muscles.

Neck Roll

Another great exercise for toning and tightening chin muscles. To do this chin lift pose, begin with your head relaxed and your chin touching your chest. Gently as you inhale and exhale, turn your head to one of your shoulders until touching. Return to chin to chest and repeat on the other side. This should be done slowly and carefully to avoid any muscle pulls. The exercise is known to be highly effective in toning throat, jaw, and neck muscles. An added bonus of the exercise is that it relieves tension to the surrounding back and shoulder muscles.

Exercise your chin with these basic exercise and techniques. Learn more about chin lift and the benefits of our surgical face lift.