Eye Bag Removal | Eye Bag Treatment Options Explained

The bulging of the eye bags is more of a cosmetic condition, which is not really a medical condition. Even though it is a cosmetic condition, there are some surgical and medical eye bag treatments that can be carried out to fix the problem.

What Is An Eye Bag Treatment?

This is basically a remedy that is carried out to get rid of the eye bag under the eye of a patient. In most cases, the bag will appear in both eyes. The treatments involve medications, therapies and surgeries. There is also a non-surgical therapy, which is also becoming more common.

Medication Treatment

This is a treatment option that is carried out, in case the patient suspects that the condition is as a result of an allergy. Nevertheless, it will require the doctor to determine if it is an allergy, then specific prescription will be given.


There can be a number of surgeries that may be carried out to treat the condition. There can be a laser resurfacing or the chemical peeling and fillers. These can help to enhance the tone of the skin, rejuvenate the appearance of the bags and also tighten the skin.


This eye bag surgery is also called the Blepharoplasty, which is also a treatment of the bulging eye lids. In this treatment, the surgeon will cut the lashes naturally in the creases. After the cut, the surgeon will then redistribute or remove the extra fat, sagging skin or muscle in the lid. They will then close the cut with small stitches that will dissolve naturally. This is a process that can be carried out as an outpatient process.

Nonsurgical Therapy

This is the most modern therapy that is used to treat the condition. It involves the use of needles, rather than cannulas. This procedure is super fast, accurate and it gives one of the best results. The eye bags will vanish in the most comfortable way.

The Nonsurgical Eye Bag Treatment

This treatment is the most preferred, since it takes less time and will have more instant results, compared to the others.

Is the Treatment Safe?

The treatment has been used on many patients and most of the products used are biodegradable and biocompatible. For that reason, it is a safe treatment that involves the careful removal of the eye bags, without any incision involved. One of the products used in the treatment is the hyaluronic acid fillers, which is also a sterile fluid. The fillers are also non-permanent, which makes them better than the surgical options.

Are There Any Side Effects Involved?

There can be some side effects that can be brought about by the injections. The effects can be tenderness, redness, bruising or swelling of the eyelids. These are mild effects that may vanish some days after the therapy. The bruising of the eyelids is one of the most common side effects, which will also vanish, depending on the patient.

How Long Does The Procedure Take and the Result Last?

Basically, the procedure can take about ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the patient. After the therapy, the result may last between 12 to 18 months. Nevertheless, this can last even longer, especially if the patient receives some additional treatment.

What are the Benefits of the Treatment?

Prior to carrying out any form of treatment, the doctor will assess the patient, in order to determine the treatment to use. There are some patients that will be suitable to have the non surgery treatment. Nevertheless, some patients are not suitable for the non-surgery. Basically, it is all about developing the right form of treatment that will suit the particular patient. It has been proven that the nonsurgical treatment is quite beneficial and here are some of the benefits of the treatment;

  • There are no any surgical damaging.
  • The patient will also not suffer from any anaesthesia.
  • It is fast. There will be no need of scheduling an outpatient appointment with the doctor. It takes a maximum of 15 minutes to get done with the procedure.
  • More natural outcomes will be achieved from the treatment.
  • There are also limited, severe side effects.

In general, the non-surgical eye bag treatment is the most preferred and the fastest method to get rid of the bulging of the lower eyelids. It also gives out instant results and better, resulting appearance, compared to the surgical treatment.