Body Sculpting to Enhance the Tummy

Body sculpting, which is also known as weight training, strength training or resistance training, is basically a type of exercise routine that uses resistance or body weight so as to stress the body muscles. This results in newly sculpted or toned muscles. Body sculpting helps you get into shape, tone your body and lose excess weight. It yields many benefits which include; increase in the lean muscle mass, an increase in strength, stronger joints and bones, increase in muscle mass, enhanced body metabolism and also results in more calories getting burned.


If you have never done any type of exercise program or routine before, you are basically a beginner. All beginners should ensure they get green light from a doctor before they start body sculpting. If you have been injured or/and you have had any type of surgery, you may also be considered as a beginner due to the loss of strength and/or range of motions and you've to simplify or modify your work out to the beginner's level. Same goes for the post natal women.

Body Sculpting Routine for Everyone

Perform regular aerobic exercises. If you're new to workouts, work the way up to the moderate and the vigorous activities. The aerobic exercises, such as the step aerobics, running and swimming, all burn calories. You should aim to exercise, say 4 days a week for about 30-40 minutes a session. In case you've previous injuries and/or you're worried about incurring injuries on your joints and knees, try exercises such as the water aerobics; it's easier on joints than the other high impact exercises & still burns lots of calories.

Do full body strength training 2 to 3 days a week, & leave 1 day between training that same body part. A full body exercise does not require weights, though lifting some heavy weights can help sculpt a perfect body. You can use your very own body weight so as to perform the push-ups, pull ups & squats. When you do the squats, just sit back so the knees do not go past the toes. You may also place the exercise ball between small of the back and the wall and then do some wall squats while holding some hand weights. When doing lunges or the split squats, you can step forward with 1 foot and then lower the body by bending your knees and forming a 90 degree angle. Motion should be an up and down motion, not the back to front motion. To do a proper push-up, you should place the hands under the shoulders & the feet hip width apart. Keep the shoulders away from the ears & keep the abs tight.


Eat a lot more protein & fewer carbohydrates. Basically, protein is rather critical for muscle gain. Don't eliminate the carbohydrates all together, however, avoid the processed carbohydrates like pasta and white rice. Replace them with the whole wheat versions. They have lots of fiber which is filling, satiating & doesn't produce quick insulin responses, which may pack pounds on your midsection.

Hire a professional personal trainer. A personal trainer will help you create a good fitness regimen so as to help you in the process of sculpting a perfect body.

Want to learn more about body sculpting, find and learn tips and techniques on how to naturally shed that extra weight and get that sexy body you wanted.